What we offer

Mobilisations Manipulations

We are manual therapists, meaning we treat predominantly with our hands and mobilisations and manipulations are the basis for most of our treatments.

Massage + Neuromuscular Massage

Knowledge of anatomy and the tactile abilities of a physiotherapist will give you an optimal sports massage as part of treatment, during your training, prior to your event and/or after you finish.


We use both rigid and ROCKTAPE as an adjunct to many treatments to hold joints in position, glide joints into different positions, relax muscles, facilitate muscles and help increase awareness of joint position.

Muscle Energy Techniques

This is one of the more gentle manual therapy techniques we use for gliding joints into a more optimal position during treatment.


This requires the insertion of very small needles into specific points on the body. The number of needles and location of points will depend on what your therapist is trying to achieve. Our physiotherapists currently practice in Chinese Medicine Acupuncture for musculoskeletal injuries and trigger point therapy.

Biomechanical Assessments and Education

We look at the way your body moves in different situations to pinpoint where there are weaknesses or muscle timing problems.  We then create an indiviualised home exercise program to help you strengthen and correct these with progressions as you get better.

Sports- Specific Rehabilitation and Program Design

This is the final stage of rehabilitation, giving you specific exercises that will stress your body as though you are back doing your sport. This ensures complete confidence you are ready to return to the level that you have been playing at previously, or even better.

Surgical Pre-habilitation and Rehabilitation

Research has shown that a thorough, specific prehabiliation program leads to a quicker and more efficient recovery post-surgery so we give you exercises to prepare your body, muscles and mind for surgery. Our therapists also enjoy watching surgery so they can help you through your full surgical journey from prehabilitation, surgery, immediately post-operation, rehabilitation, gradual return to activities of daily living, return to work and return to sport.

Women’s Health

Understanding the anatomy of your pelvic floor and how different situations impact on it, is import for every female to learn. Incontinence is common among many females and in a lot of situations can be controlled and even resolved by learning the right exercises and/or techniques.

Gait and Running Analysis, Bike Set-ups

Sometimes the smallest adjustments to your tools, position, posture, shoes etc can make a significant difference to your efficiency, power output and ultimately optimal performance.

Ergonomic Workplace Assessments

Back In Action Physio can come to your workplace to assess your workstation, environment, daily work routines and usual postures which allows us to give a comprehensive assessment with recommendations.  Please speak to one of the team for more information.

Sarah Key Method

Our Sarah Key specialist therapist delivers a type of physiotherapy that is an innovative way of treating back and neck pain. If you have heard of it or want to try, give us a call and chat to Lindsay to find out more.


We have a range of services for pregnancy from physiotherapy, strapping techniques, pregnancy pilates and pregnancy massage.


We offer individualised pilates training as an appointment based option.Please see Kelly at reception for further information or bookings.


Sometimes you just need a compression sock, foam roller, cramp spray, exercise band or roll of tape. We have a range of items for sale in out reception area including great products from Tui Balms, 2XU, NZ Natural Formulas and even discount vouchers for buying sports shoes. If you are looking for something medical related we might even be able to source it for you.