Welcome to Back In Action Physiotherapy Tauranga

As the founder of Back In Action Physiotherapy, I am proud of the business and the team that we have created.

We have highly qualified, experienced staff who have excellent assessment skills, all having the same passion for getting to the bottom of your problem. We know how annoying it is to be injured so we try and reduce your downtime as much as possible.  We go the extra mile to help in any way we can and strive to return you to your previous level of activity, or better, as quickly as possible.

We have all treated and fixed a wide range of injuries, so whatever your problem, we are well equipped to get you better.  We know that everyone has different lifestyles and goals so we tailor our treatments specifically for you and your journey.  We pride ourselves on considering the mechanics of the whole body to gain complete recovery from injuries and prevent a recurrence.

The Back In Action staff is a team of fit, healthy individuals who try to live life to its fullest. We hope some of our enthusiasm for life and energy helps motivate you to become more involved in your treatment and therefore promoting a faster recovery.

You will find our clinic conveniently located in Greerton, Tauranga, and we are also onsite at Bethlehem College in Tauranga. You can find us at various sporting fixtures as we are proud sponsors of Craig Kirkwood Coaching, Greerton Marist Sports Club, Rangataua Sports and Cultural Club, and AzOne Touch Club.

We also have the lovely Emma from Footfit Podiatry conveniently onsite.

Every member of the Back In Action Physiotherapy team genuinely wants to help, so book in today and we can get you better, faster!

Leanna Veal (Founder) 




Covid-19 Update – Level 1

In response to the step down to alert level 1 we are now open as per normal.

We are still being extra cautious with our cleaning and have official QR codes up on our walls so you can easily track your attendance in our clinic. We also have a number of places for your to sanitise your hands during your visit should you wish.

As always we work hard to provide the best care to enable everyone’s safety. If you are at all unwell, please call ahead to reschedule your appointment for another time.

Telehealth appointments are still available if you would prefer to have your session via video link rather than attending the clinic at this time.

Thank you once again for your support of a local, small business!!