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We are proud to present our Sponsored Athletes and Clubs for 2020.
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“From a unique background of rugby, running and growing up in Africa – I am now a passionate cyclist, chasing my goal of being a world class athlete. I have a love for health, food, coffee and of course…bikes.
When I was three years old, my family and I moved to Ethiopia for 7 years. After returning to New Zealand, while at college, I began playing rugby, reaching representative level…but unfortunately broke my finger and subsequently transitioned to middle distance running, again achieving at a National level. I represented NZ overseas and claimed the U20 and NZSS senior girls National Road Race title.

Unfortunately, the high impact of running caused a bone cyst in my big toe, which required an operation and ended my running career. This time, I was drawn to road cycling and here I am two years later.

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. The roller coaster of the past few years have really taught me how to create the best out of anything life throws at you. I now have the desire to not only be a world class cyclist, but to inspire and empower others. I hope that throughout my career I will be able to present myself with dignity, positivity and a fighting spirit.

I feel so privileged to have Back in Action supporting me and keeping the body in check.

The help Deborah in her journey please visit her ‘make a champ’ page Make A Champ Deborah Paine or email her directly on [email protected]



I started running at High School and have been hooked ever since. Although I wasn’t the fastest when I began my running journey at 13, I developed a passion for the sport that led me to commit to hours of training which I still continue to love and enjoy. It wasn’t until I was in my early 20’s that I started to make regional teams and achieve top 10 placings in National running events.

An ongoing Achilles injury in 2008 saw me switch to triathlon for a few years, with a podium finish at the NZ sprint Triathlon champs in 2010 followed by 14th place at the 25-29 AG at the World Triathlon Champs in Budapest. I had 7 years off competition training to start a family and I have two gorgeous daughters (5 & 7) who are my biggest running supporters. In 2017 our family moved to Tauranga and I started my physio journey with Back in Action, who are, without a doubt, the best physios in the region. I also resumed competitive training again.

With a few years of consistent training and amazing physio guidance on strength I stepped up in distance to the half marathon in 2018 and set a PB of 1.19.34. I backed this up with a great season in 2019, setting PBS in the 3000m, 5000m and half marathon (1.18.36), a time which was ranked third fastest recorded by a New Zealand woman in 2019.

I love how running allows me to maintain an active lifestyle and is great for mental health. As I’m now in my mid 30’s, I’m incredibly grateful for the ongoing support of Back in Action Physiotherapy, helping me through times of injury and supporting me to keep racing and training.



I love running because of the thrill that racing brings, along with the time spent training outdoors.

From a very young age I was a highly active kid and involved in sports such as surfing, snowboarding, soccer and kids athletics. I have found a passion in running, and the 1500m track race in particular. I have been training for three years and have had some great success so far.

The photo above was at the 2018 New Zealand Track and Field Championships where I won the Senior Men’s 1500m as an 18-year-old. This was mainly thanks to the coaching of Craig Kirkwood and the amazing physiotherapy from Leanna and the team at Back In Action.

At the time I started training, I had this re-occurring injury / niggle that was not detrimental to my running, however it did mean that I was losing a lot of power and efficiency when running. After working with the team, I have seen the changes and have reaped the rewards for getting the little things right.

Some of my other achievements while being under the care of BIA are:

  • 3+ national titles in track and age group cross country
  • 5 x U18, U19 and U20 NZ records ranging from road race to a 3:38 1500m & a 3:58 mile as an 18 year old

Finally, they helped me to secure a scholarship in the United States at the University of Washington.




Back In Action Physio has been proud sponsors of Greerton Marist Rugby AND Netball for the past 8 years. Our staff all enjoy being players in the teams, Sports Medics at trainings and games, supporting at games, and of course enjoying the club socially.

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Over the last 5 years, our sponsorship of Rangataua Club has grown to include Premier and Development Men’s Rugby, Women’s Rugby, Men’s Sevens, and Women’s Netball Teams. We feel part of the whanau at Rangataua and look forward to helping them achieve again this year.

For more information about the club click on either of the following links:

Rangataua Rugby Website

Rangataua Sports Club Facebook Page