Bankart/Hills Sachs Lesion

What is it?

A Bankart or Hills Sachs Lesion can be Cartilage damage to compression fractures in the shoulder caused by one or numerous anterior dislocations of the shoulder. A Hills Sachs Lesion is on the humeral head (arm bone) and a Bankart Lesion is on the glenoid (socket of the shoulder).


What does it feel like?

A sharp pain initially around the shoulder which is non-localised. It is common to have a feeling of instability around the shoulder, with a concern of re-dislocation.

What Causes Bankart/Hills Sachs?

This is most common in sports that involve overhead movements like tennis, volleyball, netball. This could be a result from after an anterior shoulder dislocation or many shoulder dislocations. Anterior shoulder dislocations most commonly occur through a combination of shoulder abduction, external rotation, and extension/flexion. This is a common movement in overhead athletes.

How is Bankart/Hills Sachs Diagnosed?

Your Physiotherapist can provide a thorough verbal and physical assessment to identify the problem. We may recommend an onward referral if they feel it is appropriate. The onward referral may be for an X-Ray or Ultrasound. They may recommend further assessment from a sports doctor for further assessment if they feel it is beneficial.

How can Back in Action Physiotherapy help?

At Back in Action we will do a thorough assessment to help provide the correct diagnosis. We will ensure to spend time to listen to your symptoms and how they are affecting your daily recreational and occupational activities. Therefore, we will be able to help you to set goals from the treatment sessions and also ensure to regularly reassess these. We will provide a thorough treatment to ensure you get better faster and return to your activities, sport and work.