Pre and Post-op Rehabilitation


What is it?

If you have an injury that requires surgical intervention there is a large amount of evidence which shows physiotherapy before and after surgery makes you recover better and faster. Prehabilitation is getting as much range of motion and strength in the affected area and the surrounding areas so that you are able to recover quicker after surgery. Post-operation (post-op) rehabilitation is the guided process of rehabilitating from surgery.

What does it involve?

Prehabilitation involves regular physiotherapy treatments which may include massage to keep the muscles supple, mobilisations to keep the joints moving, acupuncture to help with pain management, a progressive strengthening and stretching programme both with the therapist and at home or in a gym setting. Prehabilitation is very important to gain as much strength as possible and to introduce you to some of the exercises that you will be doing after surgery.

Post-op rehabilitation includes all of the above treatments in a monitored progression. It also includes your therapist communicating with your surgeon to ensure appropriate advice is being given and targets are being met to ensure a full and complete recover in the most appropriate time frame.

Does ACC or insurance cover it?

If your injury is already covered by ACC you will have a limit to the amount of physiotherapy sessions available before your surgery. When this limit is reached your therapist may be able to request more sessions or they will give you specific guidelines so you can continue strengthening at home. At Back in Action Physio there is a small surcharge for ACC treatments.

After the operation ACC will continue to support your sessions until you reach the allocated number of approved sessions. Once again your therapist may request more sessions. We like to ensure our patients are 100% recovered so we will continue to keep in touch with you until you are back to doing the things you want.

If you have a long-standing injury that ACC is not covering then you will need to pay privately for your sessions. We do not treat you differently depending on who is covering the cost of the session so you can expect high class treatments every time. We can arrange receipts and invoicing with you and your insurance company.

How do I get started at Back In Action?

Call us now and book in for your first assessment. During your assessment we can discuss all of your questions and help you face a few fears. We will do a thorough assessment of the injured joint and all of affected joints to start to decrease the pressure and compensation that our bodies do naturally.

Before you operation you can come in any time and physiotherapy can be effective.

After your operation your surgeon can advise when is an appropriate time to start treatment or you can call us and have a chat and we can advise you. We often see patients within days of their operation so any time is a good time.