Tibialis Posterior Tendon Injury


What is it?
Tibialis posterior is a muscle in your calf. The tendon of this muscle runs down your calf to attach at the inside of your foot. It provides support to the medial (inside) arch whilst walking and helps to turn your foot inwards.

When this tendon becomes inflamed, overstretched, torn or ruptured you will feel local pain. Typically pain is at the inside of your ankle, in the arch of your foot, and sometimes up your leg slightly.

How does it get injured?
Trauma at the inside of your ankle can cause poor loading through bones so the tendon takes the load. Common tendon injuries are from a knock to the inside of your ankle, rolling your ankle or from overloading the tendon.

The most common sports-related cause of tibialis posterior tendon pain is from tendon overload. Overload is caused by increasing your training frequency or intensity too quickly. This sudden change does not allow for the tendon to adapt, causing inflammation and pain.

How does it get diagnosed?
Your doctor or your physiotherapist can diagnose tibialis posterior tendon pain. They will assess symptoms, mechanism of injury and perform some specific tests. In some cases, an ultrasound may be required to assess the severity of the injury.

What can Back In Action Physiotherapy do?
At Back In Action Physiotherapy we can first provide some education and insight into your injury so that you have a comprehensive understanding of what is causing your pain. Initially, we will help settle your pain. Treatment may include massage, taping, and orthotics for acute management. Next, we create a specific load management program with you. We work with you to achieve your goals and return to all activities pain-free most efficiently.

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