What does a physiotherapist do?

Seeing a physiotherapist is almost like a right of passage for living here so although you often hear the flippant remark ‘I’m off to the physio’ there are a lot of people who have no idea what that means.

In NZ it takes 4 years at university to become a qualified physiotherapist and that’s just the start of our learning!! At Back In Action Physio we are all highly driven and attend a number of post graduate courses to keep up with all the current research and best practices.

When you come in to see us we will sit you down and ask you a number of questions, each one will give us important information about the way you hurt yourself and exactly what structures we think might be injured.
Then we get you to do some activities to see what happens when we stress certain structures. These may seem relevant to the area you have injured but we will also look at what has happened elsewhere in your body in response to your injury. This may include bending forwards and backwards, squatting down, jumping, walking, turning your head etc.
After this we will be able to give you an idea of what we think you have injured and give you a plan with regards to treatment and recovery time. We make sure we have set some specific goals with you so we are all working towards the same end point.

Each therapist has a wide range of treatment techniques and we choose the most appropriates ones for your injury to help get you better as fast as possible. We will also give you a couple of relevant exercises to do at home to promote recovery between sessions – we can tell if you do them or not!!!

Our standard sessions are 45 mins which gives us time to fit this all in. We encourage you to ask as many questions as you like – no question is a silly question. You are also welcome to bring a family member or friend in with you.

All of us here love our job and are here to make your physiotherapy experience as easy as possible. We thrive on helping our patients recover from their injuries as quickly as possible and return to sport without re-injury. So if you have an injury and you are not quite sure if we can help, give us a call to find out or book an initial session and we will try our best to get you moving pain-free once again.

See you soon!