I’m sure we are all aware of the frequent discussion regarding “goal setting” and motivation. In the rehabilitation world it is now very clear that people are motivated in different ways and things that may be important to one may not be such a focus for another. What is important as a therapist is identifying that motivating factor and using it effectively to achieve the best outcomes possible.

I have always thought that I exercise primarily because I enjoy it. I probably also need to own up, as I know people will quote me, that I have been known to say “I don’t need an event to motivate me- I just do it because I like it”. As a Physiotherapist I also know the benefits and why I should be participating in regular physical activity. With all that said, here comes the big BUT (hey hey I said BUT not BUTT)…

This winter I have found myself struggling to agree with my alarm first thing in the morning, can confess to walking in to the gym and then out again 5 minutes later because it was “too busy” and simply deciding my new dressing gown and slippers were more enticing than my running gear and compression socks (that’s another blog right there!).

This all seemed fun for a bit but I did start to wonder if the new normal was for my 9-year-old year old to beat me up the Mount on a regular basis! (I am mentally prepared for this in his teenage years). Thankfully, a few weeks prior I had caught up with two friends and we had discussed entering the Spring Challenge- a women’s only adventure race in Rotorua. As I sat there in my pink fluffy dressing gown (eating cake probably) I thought it was a great idea- a weekend away with 2 of my good friends whilst trekking/ rafting and MTBing. Perfect. With the generous support of Back In Action Physio we were entered- done deal.

Phew- It was this that gave me the reason to listen to my alarm, to stay at the gym, to opt for the lycra > dressing gown. The thought of letting my team down or more importantly- not being able to comfortably chat as I paddled/ ran/ rafted- got me out there again.

So, if you find yourself lacking a bit of motivation try to tap in to that special something that may give you that boost back in to action. It may be convincing a friend to commit to regular training session times, it may be joining a club, it may be writing a programme and following it….whatever it might be, always remember that the pink fluffy dressing gown feels so much better when you’ve earned it!!