At Back In Action Physiotherapy we have been using Kinesiology Tape effectively for the treatment of many different patients. Sarah has just come back and taught us about the Rock Tape course she has been on. This is a type of Rock tape but created with the athlete in mind. We find it more sticky, so that when it is applied just before games or trainings it does what we intend it to do…. and it stays on!

The idea behind Rock Tape is to increase the flow of fluid throug an injured area, reduce lactic acid build up, increase blood flow to muscles, have better control over muscle contractions, reduce pain and vibrations and promote faster healing.
At BIA we do a clinical evaluation to determine which muscles are involved and if a muscle needs to be relaxed or it if needs to be facilitated. This determines the cut of the tape, how long it is, the shape it takes, the directions we tape from and how much stretch we put on the tape as we apply it.

In the clinical situation we can see immediate changes in the pain, range or strength after the application of the tape. We still use all our other skills and therapy techniques but are finding it a great adjunct to get our patients Back In Action faster!!
We sell small boxes of Rock Tape for $25 which you can take home with you. We teach you how to apply the tape specifically for you and your injury so you can self manage between physiotherapy sessions.
Ask us if it is appropriate for you next time you are in.