Motocross Superstar Brad Groombridge

Check out our patient Brad who is currently NZ #3 in the mx1(Motocross) class!

He’s a man of few words but his talent shines through in his racing!

IMG_8887My names Brad Groombridge, I am 24 years old and have been racing motocross for 20 years.

I love the sport and all the travelling and socializing that comes with it.

Over the years I have had several injuries including broken collar bones, shoulder dislocations and recently tearing my ac joint. Luckily, I know a fantastic group of physiotherapists who I have been seeing at back in action to get me back mobile for racing  100%. I travel from Taupo especially to see the girls as I now they will get me fixed up. I choose the girls at Back In Action Physio as I need to get fixed fast for upcoming events and I know they deliver on that every time. I have the New Zealand nationals coming up shortly and will be seeing the girls as much as possible to make sure I’m 100% ready.

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