Patient Profiles – Marlene Cluitt the Squash and Hockey Fanatic!

Marlene Cluitt is our local squash and hockey fanatic! I first met Marlene when she was my neighbour when we lived in Sefton Street and had Back In Action in Ohauiti.  She is a busy lady!!  Marlene is a  mum of 2 teenagers and also works full time running her own hairdressing business from home.  The only way Marlene can fit in all her training is to get up at 530 most mornings to get down to the squash court to work on her game.

Marlene began playing squash around 2 years ago to try something new and loved it! This leap of faith resulted in her selection in the F grade Eliminates at the Super Champs last year in Auckland, with their team placing third in New Zealand.  Marlene’s busy training week involves 3 fitness sessions, 2 team  coaching sessions and 2-3 personal coaching sessions and as many games as she can squeeze in between all of that.  She continued her commitment to training all those early mornings and this year she was selected for the E Grade Eliminators at the National Super champs where she is currently in Masterton this week from 16-19th September to compete in the Squash Super Champs Finals! To keep up to date with the Super Champs Action check out the BOP Squash Facebook page

Hard on the heels of squash comes hockey.  Marlene played hockey at school up until her and Gary had their children.  Her children are now teenagers and she hasn’t played since then.  Marlene recently decided to take hockey up again about 18 months ago and appears to be a natural.  She was immediately selected to play in the Bay Of Plenty Over 55s team to play at the New Zealand Hockey Masters last year. Their team had a fantastic time and came home with the gold medal!  Marlene also came home with a huge hamstring tear to go with her efforts but the gold medal was more than worth it.   Go Marlene!

Back In Action has been working with Marlene over the time of her resurrected career and has been helping to keep her injuries at bay so she is really Back In Action.  She is an excellent example that there is no age limit on getting into sport (or back into sport) or to give things a go.  As with Marlene, you just never know how far you might be able to get in your sport.  We admire her commitment, not only to training, family and running her own business but in taking care of herself to give her the best opportunity to perform at her best.  The whole team wishes her well for this week and look forward to hearing how she gets on.



  • “Many, many thanks to the team at BIA for their time and effort in keeping me and my injuries at bay” – Marlene Cluitt