Quick Tips for Workstation Setup

Desk Posture and Workstation Ergonomics

Here is the list you’ve been looking for. Here are our quick tips that you can check for yourself to ensure your work set-up is body-friendly!



  • Knees sitting slightly lower than your hips (raise the seat or put a small cushion under your bottom if not)
  • Feet slightly in front of your knees
  • Feet flat on the ground (use a footrest if not)
  • Elbows remain at your side when using keyboard and mouse
  • If your chair has armrests these should be able to fit under the desk
  • Back retains natural “S” curve with the lumbar support fitting into your lower back



  • Elbows in line with wrists (raise desk if not)
  • When your hands are resting on the keyboard/mouse ensure your shoulders are relaxed
  • The equipment you need 60% of the time (such as mouse/keyboard) are in a central position that you can touch
  • The equipment you use 40% of the time (i.e phone) is in a position you can reach without overstretching



  • Sitting straight on to the computer screen
  • Computer screen at arm’s length distance without leaning forward
  • Your eyebrows should level with approximately 1/3 down from the top of your screen



Back In Action Physio can come to your workplace to assess your workstation, environment, daily work routines and usual postures which allows us to give a comprehensive assessment with recommendations. If you are interested in a personal or whole business assessment, check out this page to contact us and find out more.