How to stretch your hamstrings.

The hamstring muscles can often be tight and lack flexibility which can lead to discomfort. This can be particularly true if you work at a desk most of the day as the hamstring muscles are in a shortened position.


In order to get an effective stretch of the hamstrings, we need to first think about their anatomy.

The hamstring muscles are a group of three muscles that run from your “sit bones” on the bottom of your pelvis and attach below your knee.



Considering the origin and insertion location of the muscles we must think of the following for an adequate stretch:

  • Because they insert below the knee you want the knee to be as straight as comfort allows. Remember that stretching needs to be relatively pain-free.

  • The pelvis needs to be in neutral or a slight anterior tilt, to ensure the hamstrings are under stretch from their origin also. To do so avoid thinking about bending forwards through your back and instead think of pushing your sit bones further away behind you. Another way of thinking about doing this imagining your pelvis as a bucket of water and that you are tipping the water out front ways onto your lap.


Using the above principles have a go at these 3 easy stretches:

  • Standing leaning forwards

  • Kneeling with one knee straightened

  • Sitting reaching towards your toes


Hold the stretch for 30 seconds to ensure an effective stretch.

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