Winter Training………it’s really not that bad!

Alarm goes off, it’s pitch black outside, freezing cold, rain beating down against your window……..and the last thing you feel like doing is going for a run……..know the feeling?

At this point I normally say i’ll go later……and by this I mean 3 days later!!blog 4

But later there will still be excuses……. too busy, no time, too dark……the list goes on.

I’ll always remember something my dad used to say….. “there will always a reason not to go”.

If you can motivate yourself through the winter months then it will make all the difference to your fitness and in the summer season. And dare I say it, you might even enjoy it!

So here are my tips on getting through those winter months……….blog 3

My dad layering up before a very cold New York Marathon – what a plonker he looks!

  1. Layers – and lots of them! Having good warm kit will make all the difference. If you feel warm when you step out of the door it will make those first few k’s all the more enjoyable. Then you can remove layers as you warm up – unlike a Welsh winter that I am used to where you never actually get warm! Buying new kit  also helps makes you feel better! For me, a head band is an essential piece of winter kit to keep your eyes warm but still allow temperature regulation through your head.
  2. Be seen! Running in the dark can be very dangerous so wear something bright or ideally a high vis/reflective top. Head torches are also a great addition to your winter training. Not only do they help you see but also for others to see you… well as looking pretty pro!blog 2

Me and my best buddy Catherine out training – sorry only had a summer picture as she hates the cold!

  1. Find a buddy! Having to meet someone for a run will always  make you go and then you can complain to each other about how  cold and miserable it is! Accountability is key. There are heaps of  running groups and people keen to meet up for a run. It is also  much safer to run in mass. Check out social media, facebook  groups or ask one of the BIA team for more info on this.
  2. Mix up your training! Winter is a great opportunity for you to change it up and break the monotony of your normal sessions. Get out into the trails, up in the bush, or even try a spot of mountain biking to mix it. It is also a good time to build strength and work on core stability – plus this can be done inside! Or even do all those exercises that the physio told you to but never got around to doing!
  3. Race! Small goals or events will keep up your motivation and give you something to work towards. There are heaps of exciting events that go on over the winter. Below are some links to some of my favorite upcoming events.
  4. Enjoy it! It can actually be nice change and you get to see some amazing sights. Watching the sun rise, running on the crisp frosty grass, I even saw baby penguins whilst running around the mount the other evening!blog 1

No matter how I try to jazz it up, winter training will always be winter training. It is never as fun as having a nice run on a light, warm summers evening. It will be cold. It will be wet. It will be hard. But its all worth it in the end!! And hopefully a few of these pointers will help make it slightly more enjoyable!

And remember Summer bodies are earned in Winter!


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Some upcoming events:

Beyond Fitness trail running series, Tauranga

Tois Challenge, Whakatane