Our amazing patients are Back In Action

Our amazing patients are Back In Action!!!

Wow, over the last couple of weekends we have had a load of patients achieving their major goals. We are so proud of each them and have really enjoyed helping them get back in action in time for their big events.

Here is a list of some awesome achievements, especially considering that all of these patients have had to adapt their training at some point to ensure complete recovery:


Dennis De Monchy                      Tarawera 100km Run                                  Sprain adductor (hip/thigh)


Carmen McBrydie                         Tarawera 60km Run                                     ITB syndrome


Brad Groombridge                       NZ MX1 Motocross                                       ACJ Sprain (Grade 3)


Shinae Carrington                       NZ U16 Waterpolo Trials                              Sprain shoulder                                    


Scott Curry                                   NZ Rugby 7s                                                  Maintenance sports massage

Larry Seales                                Tennis NZ National Championships            Low back sprain and Achilles tendonosis


Pip McCarroll                                New Plymouth Half Ironman (Swim)             Neck sprain (facet joint dysfunction) and Pelvic Girdle Dysfunction


Andrew Boyd                                Wellington Club 7s Tournament                  ACL and meniscal repair (surgery)
(for NOT playing as advised)


Leanna Veal                                 Kinloch Olympic Distance Triathlon             Knee sprain

10th Woman Home, 2nd in Age Group



Also a big congratulations to all of our other patients, past and current, who are managing themselves well and achieving smaller goals to get to the big event!

If you want to know more about each of these injuries just click on the links above and it will take you to the information pages on our website.

If you are training for an event yourself or are just not at full fitness then come and see us. We would love to help you get back in action, get better, get faster and get better faster.