Hip Health – 3 Part Series

3 Part Series on Hip Positioning, Strengthening and Mobility

Part 1: Hip Positioning

It’s important we optimise our hip positioning within its socket when in prolonged postures, such as sitting or standing, to maintain our hip health. Non-optimal positions can lead to hip pain and discomfort.

Watch our video to find out more.


Part 2: strengthening the muscles around the hip and pelvis

These 3 exercises aim to strengthen the muscles in the front of the hip (the hip flexors), the back of the hip (the glut muscles) and the deep internal rotators of the hip.

Ensuring the muscles around the hip and pelvis are strong is very important as they work to stabilise the hip, particularly when doing activities that require us to stand on one leg such as walking, going up/down stairs and running. Therefore hip strength is something all ages and ranges of activity levels may need to work on!

If you are struggling to do these exercises, get pain when doing them or need progressions get in touch with us and we’ll book you an appointment to get you sorted!


This is a step by step video on how to stretch the capsule around your hips and can help increase hip range of motion.
Remember to do it on both sides and alike all stretches, discontinue if its painful!
This is a great exercise to do whilst watching tv as all you need is space on the floor!