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Triathletes – Tips and tricks to get better, faster.

Here is a series of exercises, postures, techniques and general advice in order to get more efficient, less prone to injury and most importantly faster when swimming, biking and running for triathletes. Swim • Important to have good thoracic (middle back) rotation when swimming. Exercises: 1. Standing (better sitting as […]

Running Intervals for Triathletes

Why run intervals? Our bodies are extremely clever and when we place a training stress on the body, it will adapt and then improve……that’s the whole point of training right? However, If we provide the same training stimulus every session then eventually we will reach a plateau of fitness. But […]

Catherine White our lovely Physio and Masseuse

  I am from the best place in the UK – the small county right at the bottom of England with the beautiful coast, the West Country farmer’s accent and the original (and tastiest) Cornish Pasties! I graduated from Cardiff University in 2010, with First Class Honours in Physiotherapy. I […]