Home Exercise Circuit – Beginner fitness level

Claire here!

You may have seen our Facebook post a few days ago of me doing a press up with a clap that I am rather proud of (click here to see). Feel free to give it a like if you too think it’s cool.
Now, I’ve decided that there are 3 types of goals for those of us exercising during this lock-down…
1) Maintaining strength and fitness by keeping up similar activity levels and/or being super creative with home workouts.
2) Increasing exercise levels as there is more time and increased motivation for healthiness.
3) Little-to-no exercise. Those that have remained inactive or have reduced exercise levels due to the change in lifestyle.
This circuit workout is targeted at you there in number 3! Wanting to get going, but could do with a little guidance on how or what to do.

Part One

This is a strength/conditioning circuit of 5 exercises you can do at home with variations in difficulty for each exercise.
If you are in this 3rd category, I recommend starting with 2 times through the circuit, doing 30 seconds or about 15 repetitions on each exercise.

On other days, walking, cycling, yoga and pilates are low-intensity level exercises that are great to incorporate when trying to increase your activity levels.

Part two

A circuit of 5 beginner exercises you can do at home.
Remember you can always make it easier too, by reducing the range of movement and/or reducing the duration/repetitions.

These are no easier or harder than those in the previous video (part one).
When it comes to exercise, variety is KEY. The body gets used to what it is regularly exposed to. This is why exercises tend to get easier the more you do them until you reach a plateau. The muscles must be exposed to new and different stresses to continue to develop.

So here’s a few more exercises, incorporating different part of the body, to add to your toolbox.
You could alternate between these two circuits, with 1-2 rest days in between. Or, you could stick to one video for a while then swap.

It is recommended that every 6-8 weeks you change up your routine.

Include activities for cardiovascular health and balance/co-ordination as well, e.g. yoga, pilates, walking, cycling.

Try starting with 2 times through the circuit, doing 30 seconds or about 15 repetitions on each exercise. From there, you can look to increase this, as tolerated.