We have noticed in the clinic lately that a lot more patients are coming in complaining of vertigo or dizziness.

There are many problems that can cause dizziness but one very common cause is calcium crystals stuck in your inner ear (also known as Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo – BPPV) which is something that we here at Back In Action Physio can help with!

A typical patient experiencing this problem will have a sudden onset of dizziness or vertigo usually associated with nausea or sometimes even vomiting.
Patient’s descriptions include;
-waking with dizziness so bad they are unable to sit up in bed or fall back down immediately
– walking around shopping and suddenly feeling like they are going to fall over
– feeling excessively car sick when travelling.
Commonly patients will seek help from their doctor who may prescribe anti-nausea medication that will generally not help with this condition.

So what is it exactly? Inside your ear you have 3 canals filled with water and lined with hairs that tell your brain the exact angle and forces acting on your head. Sometimes we can get calcium crystals stuck on these hairs so as the water moves in different directions the hairs stay bent over and give your brain the wrong message. This confuses your brain and you feel like you are spinning when you are just sitting or standing still.
If you are feeling other symptoms including racing heart; pain in chest, neck or arm; sudden change in temperature or colour; or weakness anywhere then you should seek immediate medical attention and call 111.

If your symptoms are simply dizziness and nausea then there is a technique called the Dix-Hallpike Manoeuvre which is used to diagnose this condition and can be performed by the therapists here at Back In Action Physio.
There are a few different treatment techniques that can be performed by medical professionals but we use a very simple, non-invasive technique which involves moving around the bed in a certain pattern in order to dislodge the crystals and give you immediate relief from dizziness. We have had patients report that it feels like their dizziness lifting off their shoulders after two years, or a feeling of their head feeling really clear all of a sudden.
BPPV can happen to anyone at any time in life so if you feel it yourself or know someone who has it then get them to come and see us.

– Sarah Burney – BPhty, PGCertAcu, MNZSP