My Story: A Boyd ACL Reconstruction

My Story: Andrew Boyd completely ruptured his Anterior Cruciate Ligament playing rugby in July. He had surgical repair of his knee in October which gave us 3 months for prehabilitation. With a personalised rehabilitation program he returned to the rugby field nine months later. Check out a his brief video below.

My Story-A Boyd ACL movie from Back In Action Physio on Vimeo.

My injury doesn’t stop me training; it can’t be bad enough for Physiotherapy?

        What is Physio? And Why BIA? What happens on the first assessment? History of Injury             One of the most important things we do on your initial assessment session is make sure we have a thorough knowledge of your injury; how it happened, how it feels […]

The Terrible Triad – A Major Knee Injury

As a physiotherapist we see a lot of knee injuries. And as far as joints go knees are pretty simple. This is because the knee is a basic hinge joint, like you find in a door, and all of the structures in the knee have a specific purpose in regards […]


BPPV We have noticed in the clinic lately that a lot more patients are coming in complaining of vertigo or dizziness. CAUSES There are many problems that can cause dizziness but one very common cause is calcium crystals stuck in your inner ear (also known as Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo – […]